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Corrugated metal hose is available in 300 series stainless steel, bronze, and monel.

PHI manufactures a wide range of sizes from 1/4" I.D. (inside diameter) to 24" I.D., with special sizes available upon special request.

Our experienced CAD-enabled engineering department is available to design ultra-precise fittings and hoses. Once approved, custom fittings are attached to corrugated metal hose in our modern fabrication facility, packaged, and rushed to your door.

A wide variety of braiding materials and options are available to meet the requirements of virtually any application.


Where rigid connections are impractical, flexible metal hose provides non-rigid connections for conveying liquids, gases and semi-solids.

Metal hose offers a number of advantages including high strength, resistance to high or two temperature extremes, and corrosion resistance. It absorbs vibrations and noise, connects misaligned rigid piping, connects moving parts of machinery or equipment, and is practical for hooking up frequently moved or dismantled equipment.

The choice of metals is wide: bronze, steel, stainless steel, movel, and inconel.


PHI has developed a quality assurance program that involves all employees. Extensive testing procedures are employed from the time the raw material is received at our manufacturing plant to when the finished hose is packaged and readied for shipment.



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