Slide Gate Dampers are ideal for creating flow isolation, especially during an inspection or maintenance. They have the ability to provide tight shut-off and complete isolation without taking up a significant amount of space. Slide gate dampers, or guillotine dampers, have a wide range of industrial uses.

  • Process Temperature: 1800˚F+
  • Configurations: round, square, & rectangular
  • Construction: stainless steel or carbon steel (other materials available upon request)
  • Shutoff: up to 100% / Man Safe
  • Seal Options: metal seat & jam seals
  • Actuation: manual, electric, & pneumatic (failsafe available)
  • Modulation: open/closed
  • Pressure: up to 1 PSI & 4000 FPM process air (higher available upon request)
  • Enclosed bonnet (blade retraction) area standard
slide gate metal industrial damper