Expansion Joint Field Services & Consulting

We provide expert expansion joint field services support for the expansion joints used in your business applications. This includes full installation for expansion joints, splicing, troubleshooting and repairs for problem expansion joints.

If you have a problem with expansion joints used in your application, please contact us. Our experts are available on a 24×7 basis to help.

expansion joint field services

Full Installation Services

We provide the supervisors and manpower to install new expansion joints including removal of what was there previously. This would normally be non-union labor, but we provide union services if required. We provide longer warranties if customers purchase expansion joints from us and we perform the installation.

Installation services can be a lump sum price or based on time and materials (T&M). Furthermore, we can optionally supply you with a trained supervisor to manage the installation done by others or run your work crews.

Full Expansion Joint Surveys

As part of our expansion joint field services, we perform field surveys of your existing metal and/or fabric expansion joints to determine their current condition and projected life, and we provide you with a schedule for future replacements based on the condition of the expansion joints at the time of the survey. Survey charges are based on a daily fee plus actual travel and housing expenses incurred to make the on-site visit.

Field Splicing

We will come to your site with skilled technicians and splice our expansion joints or those of any competitor. Field splicing fees are set to a daily fee plus actual incurred expenses.

Field Repair

We perform on-site repairs for expansion joints that have developed holes, tears, or otherwise. In addition, we also provide a complete replacement of expansion joint corners and/or sectional legs. Fees are set to a daily fee for each day spent doing repairs plus actual expenses incurred.

Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving

If you are having continuous problems with expansion joints used in your application, our experts will access the problem and provide recommendations. If supplies are required to correct the problem, they will be fully warrantied provided you purchase them from us. Additional charges apply if an on-site visit is required.

Expansion Joint Field Services by Industry Experts

Precision Hose & Expansion Joints has over 40 years spent solely in the expansion joint industry. We are well-positioned to offer your business expert help with budgeting and purchasing expansion joints. Additionally, we can assist with extending the life of your existing expansion joints.

expansion joint consultation

Budgeting Assistance for Materials & Labor

We will help you determine the costs for expansion joint materials and labor, so all purchases stay within budget. Budgeting Assistance is a reasonably priced set fee.

Life Extension

We can help your business find ways to extend the service life of existing expansion joints. This delays expenditures for new expansion joints and provides the added value of cost savings to your business. Life Extension Services are charged at a daily rate plus actual expenses incurred.

Purchasing Services

With over 40 years experience in the expansion joint industry, we are experts at acquiring expansion joints for any project. Our Purchasing Services bring that expertise to your business to ensure your purchasing decisions are made with assistance from an expert.

Our purchasing services include working with your engineers to shore-up specifications for any project. We assist with setting up the Request for Quote (RFQ) both technically and commercially, and we include requests for extended warranties and performance guarantees. Further, we provide assistance with the actual bidding process and remain objective by not including our expansion joints in the bidding.

Most of All, our Purchasing Services are reasonably priced and are determined by the scope of the project, either in a lump sum amount or on a daily per diem basis.