Rectangular Metal Expansion Joints

We manufacture our rectangular metal expansion joints in a virtually unlimited size range and in any width required regardless of the configuration.

Our rectangular metal duct expansion joints are custom designed and manufactured.

  • Corten and stainless steel are the most popular.
  • Available in single or multiple convolutions.
  • Bellow shapes are available in Omega (round), V (accordion), Box and/or Doghouse configurations.
  • Bellows can be singular or multiple depending on the application.
  • Metal flue duct expansion joints are available in all alloys.
  • End connections can be flanged (bolt-in) or weld-in.
  • Designed to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. We only have certified welders in our shop. Testing after manufacturing is available.
  • Can be designed to carry duct loads.
  • Excellent for high pressure and/or steam service conditions.
  • Auxiliary items readily available include pins and guides, limit rods, insulation pillows, baffles, etc.
  • Corten, carbon, and stainless steel normally in stock at our factory run from 11-31 gauge.
metal flue duct expansion joint

Rectangular/Square Corner Options

  • We can manufacture in an unlimited size range.
  • Single miter corner: This brings the sections together as the corner with one weld exactly at the apex.
  • Double miter corner: A little more expensive than a single miter yet a double miter involves a formed corner section with welds at least 24″ from the corner apex. Therefore, no welds in the apex means less stress on the welds and extended service life.

Request a Quote for Rectangular Metal Expansion Joints

To request a quote for an expansion joint with a rectangular/square corner option, download the Rectangular Metallic Flue Duct RFQ form.
To request a quote for an expansion joint with a round bellow shape option, download the Round Metallic Flue Duct RFQ form.
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