Precision Hose and Expansion Joints offers a line of adjustable tension-wound Sealflex® coolant hoses that are engineered to accurately aim and deliver oil, coolants, or other solvents to their targeted location without leaking.  Coolant hoses are perfect for applications that generate heat through friction such as machining or sawing.


  • Sealflex® Metallic Tubing is tension-wound to completely seal itself to carry oil, coolants, and solvents without leaking.
  • Flexible Gooseneck Tubing allows for hose to stay put in position allowing for a consistent, accurate stream of coolant to targeted area.

coolant hose by Precision Hose and Expansion JointsStandard Fittings

Sealflex® can be provided with male or female couplings and nozzles, or fitted to your specifications.

  • Male NPT
  • Female NPT
  • Nozzle

Coolant hoses are available from 6” in length and above. Our engineering department is available for any custom applications that you might have.


Coolant Hose Sizes
Size ID OD
1/8″ .156″ .315″
1/4″ .260″ .497″
3/8″ .375″ .585″
1/2″ .500″ .795″
3/4″ .750″ 1.068″