General Conversion Factors
Multiply By To Obtain
Atmospheres 33.9 Feet of water
Atmospheres 29.92 Inches of mercury
Atmospheres 10332 Kilograms/sq. m.
Atmospheres 14.7 Pounds/sq. in.
Atmospheres 760 mm of mercury
Bars 9.869 x 10ˆ-1 Atmospheres
Bars 1.0 x 10ˆ6 Dynes/sq. cm.
Bars 1.020 x10ˆ4 Kgs./sq. meter
Bars 14.5 Pounds/sq. in.
British Thermal Units 777.5 Foot-pounds
British Thermal Units 1054.6 Joules
British Thermal Units 0.252 Kg. -calories
British Thermal Units 2.928 x 10ˆ-4 K.W.-hours
B.T.U./hr. 0.252 Kg. cal/hr.
B.T.U./hr./sq. ft. 2.712 Kg.-cal/hr./sq. m.
B.T.U./hr./sq. ft./deg F. 4.882 Kg. cal/hr./sq. m./deg C.
B.T.U./sq. ft. 2.712 Kg. cal./sq. m.
B.T.U./sq. ft./in. 6.892 Kg. cal/sq.m./cm.
Celsius (°C x 1.8) + 32 Fahrenheit
Centimeters 0.0328 Feet
Centimeters 0.3937 Inches
Centimeters 0.01 Meters
Centimeters 1.x 104 Microns
Centimeters/sec 0.03281 Feet/sec
Centipoises 0.000672 Lbs./ft.-sec.
Cubic centimeters 3.531 x 10ˆ-5 Cubic feet
Cubic centimeters 6.102 x 10ˆ-2 Cubic inches
Cubic centimeters 1.0 x 10ˆ-3 Liters
Cubic feet 1728 Cubic inches
Cubic feet 0.03704 Cubic Yards
Cubic feet 7.481 Gallons
Cubic feet 28.32 Liters
Cubic feet/second 26930 Gallons/hour
Cubic inches 1.639 x 10ˆ-5 Cubic meters
Cubic inches 4.329 x 10ˆ-3 Gallons
Cubic meters 1.0 x 10ˆ6 Cubic cm.
Cubic meters 35.31 Cubic feet
Cubic meters 1.308 Cubic yards
Degrees(angle) 1.745 x 10ˆ-2 Radians
Dynes 1.020 x 10ˆ-6 Kilocirams
Dynes 2.248 x 10ˆ-6 Pounds
Dynes/sq. cm. 9.870 x 10ˆ-7 Atmosphere
Dynes/sq. cm. 1 x 10-6 Bars
Dynes/sq. cm. 0.0102 Kgs./sq. meter
Dynes/sq. cm. 2.089 x 10ˆ-3 Pounds/sq. ft.
Dynes/sq. cm. 1.450 x 10ˆ-5 Pounds/sq. in.
Fahrenheit 5/9(°F-32) Celsius
Feet 30.48 Centimeters
Feet 3.048 x 10ˆ-4 Kilometer
Feet 0.3048 Meters
Feet 304.8 Millimeters
Feet/minute 0.01667 Feet/second
Foot-pounds 1.356 Joules
Foot-pounds 3.241 x 10ˆ-4 Kg.-calories
Foot-pounds 0.1383 Kg.-meters
Gallons (U.S.) 0.1337 Cubic feet
Gallons (U.S.) 231 Cubic inches
Gallons (U.S.) 3.785 x 10ˆ-3 Cubic meters
Gallons (U.S.) 3.785 Liters
Gallons of water 8.337 Pounds of water
Gallons/hour 3.71 x 10ˆ-5 Cu. ft./sec.
Grams 980.7 Dynes
Grams 2.205 x 10ˆ-3 Pounds
Grams/cubic cm. 0.03613 Pounds/cu. in.
Grams/sq. cm. 1.422 x 10ˆ-2 Pounds/sq. in.
Inches 2.54 Centimeters
Inches 0.0254 Meters
Inches 25.4 Millimeters
Inches of mercury 0.03342 Atmospheres
Inches of mercury 3.453 x 10ˆ-2 Kgs./sq. cm.
Inches of mercury 0.4912 Pounds/sq. in.
Inches of water 2.458 x 10ˆ-3 Atmosphere
Inches of water 0.07349 Inches of mercury
Inches of water 0.03609 Pounds/sq. in.
Inches of water 0.1867 Cms. of mercury
Inches of water (at 4°C) 2.54 x 10ˆ-3 Kgs./sq. cm.
Inches-pounds/deg. 0.66 Kilogram-meters/rad.
Joules 9.486 x 10ˆ-4 B.T.U.
Joules 0.7376 Foot-pounds
Joules 2.390 x 10ˆ-4 Kg.-calories
Kilograms 980665 Dynes
Kilograms 1.0x103 Grams
Kilograms 2.205 Pounds
Kilogram-calories 3.968 B.T.U.
Kilogram-calories 3086 Foot-pounds
Kilogram-calories 4186 Joules
Kilogram-meters 7.233 Foot-pounds
Kilograms/cu. meters 3.613 x 10ˆ-5 Pounds/cu. in.
Kilograms/sq. cm. 9.80665 x 10ˆ5 Dynes/sq.
Kilograms/sq. cm. 14.226 Pounds/sq.
Kilograms/sq. meter 9.678 x 10ˆ5 Atmospheres
Kilograms/sq. meters 9.804 x 10ˆ-5 Bars
Kilometers 1.0 x 10ˆ5 Centimeters
Kilometers 3281 Feet
Kilometers 3.937 x 10ˆ4 Inches
Kilonewtons/sq. meter 0.145 Pounds/sq. in.
Kilospascals 0.145 Pounds/sq. in.
Liters 1.0 x 10 Cubic centimeters
Liters 0.0351 Cubic feet
Liters 0.2642 Gallons (U.S.)
Liters 1.0 x 10ˆ-3 Cubic meters
Mega pascals (mPa) 145 Pounds/sq. in
Meters 3.281 Feet
Meters 39.37 Inches
Meters 100 Centimeters
Meters 0.001 Kilometers
Meters 1000 Millimeters
Meters/sec. 3.281 Feet/sec.
Microns 3.94 x 10ˆ-5 Inches
Millimeters 0.1 Centimeters
Millimeters 0.003281 Feet
Millimeters 0.03937 Inches
Millimeters 1.0 x 10ˆ-6 Kilometers
Millimeters 0.001 Meters
Newtons 1.0 x 10ˆ5 Dynes
Newtons 0.2248 Pounds
Newtons/mm 5.71 Pounds/inch
Newton-Meters 8.8504 Inch-pounds
Newtons/sq. meter 1 Pascals
Ounces 28.35 Grams
Ounces (fluid) 0.02957 Liters
Pounds 444823 Dynes
Pounds 453.6 Grams
Pounds 0.4536 Kilograms
Pounds of water 0.01602 Cubic feet
Pounds of water 27.68 Cubic inches
Pounds of water 0.1198 Gallons
Pounds/cu. foot 0.01602 Grams/cu. cm.
Pounds/cubic foot 16.02 Kgs./cu. meter
Pounds/cubic foot 5.787 x 10ˆ-4 Pounds/cu. in.
Pounds/cu. in. 2.768 x 10ˆ4 Kgs./cu. meter
Pounds/cu. in. 1.728 x 10ˆ3 Pounds/cu. ft.
Pounds/inch 17.86 Kilograms/meter
Pounds/inch 178.6 Grams/cm.
Pounds/square inch 2.036 Inches of mercury
Pounds/square inch 51.7 Mm of mercury
Pounds/square inch 703.1 Kgs./sq. meter
Radians 57.3 Degrees
Slugs 3.217 x 10ˆ1 Pounds
Square centimeters 0.155 Square inches
Square feet 929 Square cms.
Square feet 0.0929 Square meters
Square inches 645.2 Square mms.
Square inches 6.452 Square cms.
Square meters 1.55 x 10ˆ3 Square inches
Square millimeters 1.0 x 10ˆ-2 Square cms.
Square millimeters 1.55 x 10ˆ-3 Square inches
Tons 0.02 Pounds/sq. in.

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